Most esoteric shops have a candle burning in the back where customers do not see it. These are often intended to influence the customers to buy or not to steal. This is just an esoteric version of what corporations do to us all the time.

Here at The Open Eye we aim to be different. First of all, when we light the wick you will see the candle burning in our shop. Secondly, while we are in business, we are primarily about spirit. That is why our spell candle reads, “May the Love of Spirit imbue this store.”


The same applies to website. Here spirit reigns in all its forms.


The Owners:


Robert Alan Hager has been on the magickal path since 1983. Most of that time he practiced some form of ceremonial magick. In the early 2000’s his Holy Guardian Angel descended upon him while standing in line for lunch at a Wendy’s. During that conversation he was informed that his place was “within an occult bookstore.” He kept listening to Spirit until that came be to be.


Roberta Loring-Hager has been in touch with the ‘Other Side’ since childhood. She never had words for what she did until re-meeting and marrying Robert thirty years after he first asked her out. Those that know her say she is deeply connected and always ready to be of assistance.


Services by Appointment:

Tarot: We have two in-house tarot readers that can serve you. Readings are $50/half hour and $20 each additional 15 minutes. People rarely need additional time.

Robert Alan Hager has been reading tarot for two decades. He specializes in spiritual, emotional and relationship questions. Many people have left his table crying joyful tears and described his readings as “life changing”.

Jenny Martinez is good at finding the bumps in the road and seeing how to overcome them. She specializes in answering emotional questions and providing a new perspective. You are likely to leave her reading saying, “I never looked at it that way before!”



Robert performs Reiki services. Reiki is a gentle healing energy. Robert applies it in the purest way possible and in the traditional manner. Simplicity is the hallmark of purity. Like water the energy will flow to where you need it.

$60/Half Hour

Soul Readings:

Robert Alan Hager offers a very unique service he calls a soul reading. He developed the technique after decades working the Golden Dawn style teachings of the Qabala. In these deeply personal readings Robert reveals the nature of your instinctual soul, your programmed soul, your perfect personality and the immortal soul. These readings can last over an hour. They reveal exactly why we are the way we are and uncover the lessons we need to learn in order to grow into our full potential. People describe him as ‘joyful’ and ‘in awe’ as he explores the inner beauty of the soul.



*A Reiki practitioner is not licensed by the State of California as a healing arts practitioner.