Who Heals the Healers?

I once asked world famous mage Lon Milo DuQuette why I can sooth another person’s headache with energy but could not cure my own. He said healing yourself is a bit like trying to see the back of your own head.

As a sensitive and a healer myself I know we need to go to others like ourselves to get the healing we need. Many healers are now visiting Dawn Stiles. Her decades of experience allows her to heal those that have overworked themselves as healers or need to regain a lost point of balance. She can speak with you at a peer level but also deliver the extraordinary healing an energy-depleted healer may need to refocus and become even more effective.
Dawn’s talents also apply to anyone that needs psychic information or healing for any reason. Dawn welcomes all.

Appointments are $50 for a half hour or $100 an hour. You can contact us to set up an appointment in advance or walk-in.

September 16th, 2017

Healing the Healers with Dawn