Saturday, July 15 at 1 PM – 4 PM
The Open Eye
777 Minnewawa Suite 22, Clovis, California 93612

Learn how to listen to your highest spirit quickly and easily!
Does that sound too good to be true? Despite popular belief you do not have to sit on a mountain top for twenty years to become enlightened. All you need to do is learn how to receive the wisdom you already possess and live within the divine connection you already have.

Robert’s soul taught him the technique intuitively to speed up his painfully slow spiritual development. Now he can share this very simple mantra with you.

In this class you were learn:
• A simple mantra you can do anywhere
• Practical experience with the mantra
• How to distinguish between the voice of your soul and that of
your ego
• How to engage in two-way communication with your soul.
• How to prevent yourself from falling into the common traps that
plague spiritual seekers.
• A basic understanding of the Qabalistic thought (the four
worlds and the Tree of Life)

The class includes an extensive illustrated handout.
Class Fee: $30