The Open Eye is proud to announce that Dawn Miller (formerly Stiles), the most talented psychic we know will be visiting the shop performing psychic readings and energy cleansings..

Robert’s Personal Testimonial: Many years ago Dawn visited me when I had someone living in my house. He had lived there for a couple of years due to relationship problems. Dawn had never met this person and I never spoke to her about him.

Dawn entered the house, sat on the couch and declared that he was moving back in with his wife immediately. I thought this impossible as he had not mentioned they were close to reconciliation. A HALF HOUR LATER he called and said he was moving back with his wife and he would be back the following week to pick up his things.

As a healer, Dawn uses a combination of modalities in her healing/cleansing work.

Dawn is guided intuitively as well as psychically by her team of ancestors, masters and angelic beings that show up for her clients highest good.

She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and she combines this modality through guided imagery to help facilitate the clearings and healings of her clients.

You can experience her talents for yourself.

Dawn will be available February 3rd, 2018 11am-4pm
$90 for an hour
$50 for a half hour session
$25 for 15 minutes

Length of Reading