Fear can thwart your magic before it ever gets started. This was recognized to be such an important concept that the line “Be thou without fear, for fear is failure” is enshrined within certain initiation rituals. Rev. Bert Hansen reveals three types of fear that can stop your magical career in its tracks: doubts, fears, and unrealistic fears. He then reveals various techniques you can use to overcome those fears and become the magic user you were meant to be.

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Bert Hansen became an eclectic by actually getting involved in formalized Ceremonial Magic, Druidry, and by doing less structured “Witchy Stuff”. He became an eclectic by gaining experience in a variety of methodologies and then mixing them to his own personal list of effective techniques. He is the perpetual student of magick and of magical practitioners. Bert will bring his unique and fearless understanding to you at the Open Eye.